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If you already have a YouTube channel and you want to get it monetized, we can help. Buy our Watch Time and request Monetization in not more than a few weeks.

  • High Retention Watch Time
  • Guaranteed
  • Finish in 15 days maximum
  • Safe to Monetize

This is the same Watch Time that we use on our Monetized Channels for sale, so rest assured it is perfectly safe to get monetized. Just make sure that your content is good for YouTube Monetization Policies. Because if you have copyrighted/duplicate videos, YouTube will reject your channel when sending Monetization request no matter what.

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1000 (1k) Hours Of Watch Time, 2000 (2k) Hours Of Watch Time, 3000 (3k) Hours Of Watch Time, 4000 (4k) Hours Of Watch Time, 10000 (10k) Hours Of Watch Time

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