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Yes, our channel are safe and we sold lots of them. We make everything manually, upload fully original content and allow the client to get his Adsense approved. But please make sure to follow YouTube guidelines, this way your channel will not lose monetization in the future for duplicate content!

How fast will I be able to make money?

Once we receive the order we invite you to the channel. It will then take 24 hours to make you owner. After that, it's just about Google approving your Adsense and the channel. This usually takes max. 72 hours and you will be then able to start making money, in the safest way and with a quality account!

How do you monetize the channel?

We make real promotion only, after uploading real content and by using our own methods. After that, it's simply YouTube itself that, upon human review, accepts the channel into the youtube partner program so you can start to monetize it.

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