Making Money becomes one of the most important things for everyone. But from which source you can make money is more important. Nowadays many people know you can make money from youtube. And many people also think that by using youtube you can make money quickly.

But the thing is that to make money from any source it needs some time. Youtube is also like that but you can make money a little bit faster from youtube. Youtube is one of the largest social media platforms and has 2 billion monthly active users. They spend hours and hours watching videos on Youtube. So with this active audience, you can make money easily from Youtube.

But the question is how?

Ways to Make Money from Youtube

1. Join Youtube Partner Program

Join Youtube Partner Program and earn money from Ads: The first revenue which you will like to earn from youtube is from ads. Youtube is generally generating income through ads where Youtube share their revenue from ads with Youtube Partner Programs. To join a youtube partner program you need to have more than 1000 subscribers on your channel and 4000 hours watching videos in the past year. So you can see that this is also not as quickly as you want. You have to work a lot to get 1000 subscribers on your channel and for that, you need to make good quality content videos on youtube.

2. Sell Products or Merchandise

There are many products you can sell through youtube. You may generate money with your YouTube channel by selling a variety of things. There are more advantages to selling things than just making money. By bringing your online identity and brand to the real world, merchandise not only broadens your audience but also strengthens your bond with your most ardent supporters, who become more invested in your work as a result.

Don’t Forget to Be Awesome is an example of an established merchandising network for artists. This means that you must compete with other YouTubers and have less control over the features that come with running your own e-commerce site, such as adding items to the store, giving discounts, and having your content merged.

3. Buy a Monetized Youtube Channel

These days there are plenty of platforms available online, that let you buy a youtube channel that is already monetized! If you are on a journey to create your own youtube channel, then you know that most of the effort is needed to gain your first view viewers. In fact, getting monetized may be the most demanding and difficult part of the journey where you have to give your hundred per cent that too with no present income. To expedite the process, you can buy a monetized channel. There are channels that are created by somebody else. They have put the major effort of getting the channel monetized and thereby also creating a viewer base for the channel. Now you can spend some money to buy this channel and you can grow it with a little effort of your own. This makes the task much easier.

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This option is also beneficial if you are looking forward to earning passive income, that is earning some good side money without spending much time and effort on it, then buying a monetized youtube channel is a really good option for you.

4. Work with Brands as Influencer or Affiliate Marketing

You can make money by working for good brands. If you are a good influencer or if you’re influencing people in a smart way then you can work for good brands by selling or promoting their products in your videos. Many brands are always searching for good influencers so that they can promote their upcoming products or newly launched products. In this way, you can brand yourself too. You can also work as an Affiliate Marketer where you can review those brand products and offer your audience to purchase through providing a buying link. Many brands like Amazon are providing commission on sales on different categories if they purchase from your link.

According to Aqer, being a YouTube influencer is the most lucrative way to work with brands on brand alliances. One research found that for every 1,000 subscribers, a mid-level influencer costs a company roughly $20; for every 100,000 followers, they charge over $2,000

5. Get Support for Your Work through Fan Funding:

You, as a creator, are making a valuable contribution to the internet by sharing your work for free. As a result, your audience may be more likely to continue supporting you in the future if you provide high-quality material. Many fan funding systems allow content producers to connect with their most dedicated fans and reward them for their support in a variety of ways.

Final Words

As we have seen from how many ways we can make money on youtube. But for every method, you have to work a lot and also need to work to make yourself better to become a good content creator. There is no way you can make money so quickly as you imagine like you uploaded a video on youtube and started making money.

Don’t keep such types of myths in your mind. Work smart and become a good one of the good content creators and try the above mentioned methods to make money as quickly as possible.

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